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Vinyl Records

Underground Vinyl Records

The first long play (LP) record from CBS hit the market in 1948 at 12 inches wide and a playing speed of 33 1/3 RPM. It could play several songs per side. Soon after, RCA introduced the 45-speed record at only 7 inches, with one song per side. These record formats are the same we use today. Not only that, but collecting vinyl records is once again gaining in popularity.

If you collect vinyl records or want to, there are lots of things that drive that urge. While vinyls can be valuable, it’s a combination of things that increases their worth. It often comes down to your taste in music. Vinyl records offer music and vocals that are far closer to live sound than digital formats. Additionally, the ability to physically hold and own vinyls with artistic cover designs is a collector’s dream. The experience collectors enjoy with vinyl records lies in going to the record store and spending hours looking through stacks of albums, like a treasure hunt.

Vinyls provide an interactive listening experience, from removing vinyl records from their cover and placing them on the turntable to carefully placing the needle. The music from vinyl is a reward for the effort. The monetary value of vinyls depends on the popularity of the artist and the condition of the record. Original albums that have since been repressed by big names like Elvis, The Beatles, or the Beastie Boys sell at higher prices. First run presses are always the most valuable.


At Underground Vinyl, we sell only new and select pre-owned vintage vinyl records. You’ll find genres including current and classic rock, rap, hip-hop, pop, and indie. We also sell turntables, speakers, and vinyl records accessories. You can check out our website for news and information. However, we only sell directly from our brick-and-mortar location, in Larchmont, NY. Please use our contact page online or email us with any questions.

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